English Tutoring and Editing


Never confuse movement with action.”

(Earnest Hemingway)


Clear and mindful communication has never been as important as it is in today’s world.  In a world where “u” has become “you” and emoticons have become the norm when breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, it is time we all wake up and take some action.  As a society, we need to learn how to better communicate with each other.

Educational and business success hinge on effective communication. The foundation of powerful communication is writing.  Writing is a unique art form that thrives on articulation and creativity.

It is one thing to have a brilliant idea; it is quite another thing to effectively articulate that idea.

Whether you are a student who needs help with an essay, or you are a business owner who needs internet content, KMR is here to help.

Let KMR change your world by replacing your frustration with beauty and success.

All KMR tutors and writers have the following 
minimum credentials:

-Bachelor's degree or higher level of education 
(by an accredited university)

-At least ten years of experience in professional 
teaching and/or writing

-A current fingerprint clearance card

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